Two special lunches with press

Press days

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The table set by Catherine on the occasion of the two press days, held on 26 and 27 October, is a tribute to autumn and nature,

The location is unique:  Exit pastificio urbano in via Orti Milano. Simple, minimal and cozy.  Small and accurate choice of dishes, based on mum’s way fresh pasta typical recipe and some brand new ideas.  An intimate place, where time is slow and words come easy. A suitable background where organize a double press lunch: in fact is where Casarialto and Agenzia 14 Septembre invite journalists.

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An opportunity for the founder and designer of Casarialto, Catherine Urban, to tell her story. The origins and the roots of a brand,  born as a small company but which in recent years is making its way becoming more and more prominent.  Being outside it is often difficult to fully understand an entrepreneurial reality, to fully grasp the essence of a brand, to empathize with the people who work and create it, to get enthusiast about a brand and its products. This happens immediately, when you have the chance to speak with Catherine:  she takes you on a journey that retraces the stages of her fantastic adventure.

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From her long working experience in the Chanel and Louis Vuitton luxury fashion companies, which have strengthened her cult and search for beauty. The love that brought her to Italy. Since the birth of his first brand Wooliweiss dedicated at the beginning to luxury knitwear for children, founded after the birth of his daughter Asia. The passion for glass and the crazy idea of ​​producing the first objects and the spasmodic research of a craftsman, a master glassmaker who supported her and agreed to work with her. Until the launch of a long-desired project, Casarialto Atelier.

Casarialto History is well told here and in an article published in the local press of Treviso, in the monthly magazine Treviso Città e Stories, and summarized in the article of our blog “Our Soul among the pages of Treviso Città e Storie”.


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Coming back to these two days events….The table was dressed in the colors and tones of autumn and nature, with hand-made glass leaves as a centerpiece, water glasses with flowers and birds inside, petal-shaped wine glasses and the most geometric and linear Dolce Vita.

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