Autumn Table Setting: Style Suggestions

Although we try to go beyond the cliché and add something new, there are aesthetic laws that tradition imposes and that we like to follow.

Autumn recalls atmospheres, colours, settings which may vary slightly, but which follow a timeless style.

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Autumn Colors and Themes

Let’s see what the colors of autumn are

The most used colors are those that recall the shades of nature, foliage, earth and plants.

First of all the yellow amber, ochre, saffron. To then continue with orange in the various shades of pumpkins, citrus fruits and leaves. With a base of chestnut brown, brown in various shades of mushrooms, gray and khaki green and dark khaki green.

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Mise en Place

Glasses, Accessories and Decorations. Style Ideas

On our Casarialto table, the proposal is to combine a mix and match of various styles, which have a coherent and harmonious common thread.

Catherine included the Dolce vita glasses on this autumn table, transparent and in shades of amber, with an iconic shape and which are available in 3 different shapes and heights. Set of Dolce Vita wine glasses, Set of Dolce Vita red wine glasses, Set of Dolce Vita water glasses.

Casarialto pasta bowl and Casarialto Platter are made by hand, in a small Venetian artisan workshop, in a material, shiny ceramic of a beautiful ocher yellow.

The Casarialto leaf napkin rings, also handmade in glass, have the shape of a leaf in autumnal hues, which they wrap in a precious white linen napkin.

The mono flower vases are the Calla Casarialto vases, in shades of brown. The Calla vase opens elegantly like a flower, is hand painted with luster paint and has a small glass insect that climbs on the surface.

Colored glass leaves decorate the entire table. A few candles complete the work, enveloping the table in a warm atmosphere that opens up to sharing.

On a base of pure white linen, a timeless passe partout, 

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Trends and Innovations : Practical Tips

A mix and match of various styles, with a coherent and harmonious file rouge.

The secret is to combine light and transparent, almost impalpable materials such as borosilicate glass with other more material and raw ones.

Glass is matched with ceramics and elements offered us by nature and which can be collected from the fields and gardens.

On this table we have the fundamental elements for the mise en place, such as plates, glasses, cutlery, enriched by other purely decorative ones.

The mono flower vases are decorated with seasonal flowers. The table is embellished with small decorative pumpkins of different shapes and colours, mushrooms and chestnuts. Everything must be strictly unreasonable.

The candles, to make the table more welcoming.

The extra touch is the glass leaf-shaped decorative elements.

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