The time has now come for Casarialto to take a big step towards creating its own mise en place.

Table linen, with its tablecloths, runners, placemats and napkins, is the undisputed protagonist of a rich and particular table. For this reason we launched our line of table linen, based on our values ​​of research, uniqueness, extraordinariness and attention to detail.

Once again we are inspired by our muse Nature, creating raffia placemats decorated with wonderful embroidery of cactus, flowers and birds. Tablecloths express Casarialto minimal side with more geometric styles and shapes and unexpected color combinations.


table linens

Mise en place and conviviality

“Etiquette or no etiquette, the Mise en Place has the power to tell a lot about the personality of the hosts. A lunch or dinner are great moments of conviviality, they also express the ability to welcome and attention to detail…you can say that when it comes to conviviality, the Table is a woman!”
Catherine Urban

A mise en place for each purpose

“The occasions for setting the table are very different, from formal situations to family moments, winter moments to summer moments, the variations are endless, including the choices of colour, plates, glasses, flowers!”

Mise en Place with Tablecloths

For those who love tablecloths, our collection is expressed in two variations of colors and geometries in pure Italian linen. The tablecloths are made up of blocks of colors assembled together creating a game of geometries. A skilful study of combinations and shapes as well as almost invisible stitching. The napkins are also made in two colors to match the tablecloth.

table linens
table linens

Mise en place without Tablecloths

For those who prefer to let their table be the protagonist, or those who simply prefer placemats, or those who want to create fun and refined summer tables, we were inspired by our muse Nature! . Our placemats are playful, in fringed raffia and narrate the symbols present in our iconic collections of glasses and carafes. There is the Cactus theme and the Tropical birds and flowers theme.

All embroidered in the best Italian ateliers using rich color combinations. The napkins, delicately fringed, are neutral to let the embroidery to emerge.