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Casarialto line started in 2008, as a consequence of global taste and vision: a work around tableware and home accessories, to gradually define and deepen Catherine’s great passion for glass-making. By moving near Venice she met glass masters with whom she started a straight collaboration interlacing her modern and practical spirit with their hundred-years old roots of Venetian expertise.

Casarialto home accessories are based on the concept of creating products that express high quality, uniqueness and have a useful purpose incentivating small industries to produce. The Veneto region is rich in craftsmanship.

Tradition mixed with innovation and the Italian flexible approach to projects are incredible assets for the development of small and special productions.


Catherine works strictly with artisans, experimenting always new kind of techniques.  She takes inspiration from her long working experience and deep interest for handcraft work. She deals often with new production technique and she sources from the vast Venetian basin of handcraft experts.

For this reason Casarialto gives also the possibility to customize products and works already with Luxury restaurant and hotels and private residences. Offering high end products, studied with customer in each details, we grant the satisfaction of every request in term of product quality and quantity.

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The artisans long experience, together with Catherine idea, sometimes creates real work of arts. Every piece of Casarialto is handmade in each detail. Centuries of work knowledge and tests, inside a glass product.

Modern spirit rooted in hundred-years of Venetian expertise. Light and very resistant borosilicate, for everyday products.


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