From Casarialto Glass to Casarialto Atelier

"coming from France, over the past 20 years I have met excellences and master of italian craftmanship. Moved by the desire to collaborate and contribute to their visibility, I have launched a new project of co-creations. A series of exclusive products will be edited as a result of all the creativity and savoir faire put together."

This is the feeling that motivated Catherine Urban to kick off the CASARIALTO ATELIER project

Game On

Michela Nardin

Michela Nardin history is strictly connected to the city of Venice. She lived in town since she was child, starting here her artistic life. She committed herself to art in many different ways and forms (she specialized in ancient print, working in the mural painting restore for 10 years), falling in love with Venice ancient traditions, as the glass and mosaic works, in particular the Orsoni one. She cooperates with the most famous furnaces and glassmakers in town, for different projects. Her artistic career is heterogeneous, allowing her to explore new creative processes, matching the art of mosaic and ancient materials as the stucco marmorino.


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