From Casarialto Glass to Casarialto Atelier

"Born and raised in France, I have been studying, discovering, and meeting masters of Italian craftsmanship for over twenty years now. Moved by the desire to collaborate and help artisans enhance their visibility, I am launching a new project of co-creations that combines creativity and savoir faire in a series of exclusive pieces. I collaborate challenging and encouraging them to create something completely new and unique, an object they have never made before.”

This is the feeling that motivated Catherine Urban to kick off the CASARIALTO ATELIER project

Mosaics with Michela Nardin

Michela Nardin

Michela Nardin’s biography mostly revolves around the city of Venice, where she grew up and where she began her artistic path. Particularly interested in the ancient tradition of glass manufacturing and mosaic art, such as that of the renowned Orsoni furnace, she specialized in ancient print, and worked as a restorer of mural paintings for ten years. Today, Michela Nardin cooperates with the most famous furnaces and glassmakers of Venice, exploring new creative processes and ancient materials, such as the stucco marmorino, to constantly improve her mosaic art.

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Mirrors with Giovanni Simionato

Riflessi Veneziani

Founded in 1983, Riflessi Veneziani is the result of the partnership between two of the most historic Murano glassmaking families: the Perziano glass company, specialized in the production of Boemia glass and the first company to upgrade mold casting techniques, and the internationally renowned Toso and Borella family, who has been producing among the best Venetian glass mirrors since 1888, following a combination of ancient and modern techniques of craftsmanship. Today, Riflessi Veneziani works in the field of luxury home design at an international level, with Giovanni pursuing his father’s career to maintain the firm roots of their family workshop’s traditions.


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