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"Born and raised in France, I have been studying, discovering, and meeting masters of Italian craftsmanship for over twenty years now. Moved by the desire to collaborate and help artisans enhance their visibility, I am launching a new project of co-creations that combines creativity and savoir faire in a series of exclusive pieces. I collaborate challenging and encouraging them to create something completely new and unique, an object they have never made before.”

This is the feeling that motivated Catherine Urban to kick off the CASARIALTO ATELIER project

08 - Trittico

Discover "Giù in Cortile" and "Giù in Giardino", the eighth co-creation project of the Atelier Casarialto together with the artist Michela Urban. Inspired by Japanese screens and enriched by the creative direction of Catherine Urban, these one-of-a-kind pieces were conceived to create metaphorical windows onto the natural world through the artist's original use of materials and colours. Michela Urban is a highly skilled artist who continues to experiment with new techniques to express herself through original combinations of volumes, materials and colours. He channeled his passion for ancient Japanese screens into the creation of these one-of-a-kind, nature-inspired, hand-painted pieces on gold leaf grounds.

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casarialto breathgenerator collective air quality observatory

07 - Tornasole

BreathGeneration is a project for monitoring, analysis and data processing of air quality. Air pollution is a real problem that can no longer be ignored. The first step has to arise from the awareness of the individual. This need has given birth to Tornasole, an instrument that not only analyzes the air and its components, but is also an aesthetic and decorative object handcrafted from Murano glass.

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06 - Steel Symphony

Steel Symphony is a project combining ancient craft with contemporary design and glass.
Carbon steel laminated pieces heat and cold burnished, hand worked and polished with natural bee wax protection.
As a link to our roots, always a glass piece present as a cube in the low table composition and in Mr Hulot eye.

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05 - Golden Leaf Boxes

Stefania Dei Rossi developped a unique style based on the dialogue between the pencil and gold leaf, usually applied on a two-dimensional level. With Casarialto Atelier we brought her technique to a three-dimensional level by applying her drawing to wooden boxes.
Entirely decorated by hand with gold leaf on the print of an original graphite drawing these wood boxes are finished with shellac. The interior is lacquered.

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04 - Mirror Trays

This set of trays embodies the perfect combination of Eastern minimalism and ultra light design, with a meticulous milling enhancing the tropic-inspired details skillfully cut by Giovanni, the artisan of Venetian glass mirrors. These tropical-themed motifs do not usually belong to the Venetian tradition, they are a modern and exotic accent introduced by Catherine to create a harmonious blend of traditions and inspirations.

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03 - Wonder Looms

More than two centuries of weaving techniques are embedded in these pieces which transforms a thread of cotton into a beam of light.
19th-century jacquard looms, enriched with a jacquard band with optical fibers and lurex boasting are the trait d’union of these projects developped in co-creation with Casarialto Atelier. Fiber Optics, as thin as an angel’s hair, are tied together and connected to a LED light of 0.1 W, powered by a rechargeable USB battery.

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02 - Cotisso Collection

Cotisso, is a Murano glass block, pure and monochromatic, obtained by breaking the crucible at the end of the process of manufacturing the glass of a particular colour. The blocks obtained through this process are then melted again in the furnace, or used in the realisation of artworks, both aesthetic and decorative.

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01 - Mosaic Stools

Renowned in the field of glass mosaic, Nardin usually creates decorative pieces rather than functional objects of decor: this is where the creative mind of Catherine Urban meets the skillful hands of a master artisan, giving shape to unique and versatile oeuvres that merge aesthetic and functionality, and tradition with innovation.

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