Tornasole Lamp on CASA STILE

Tornasole Lamp and BreathGeneration project published on CASA STILE with the title

Tornasole. La luce che coniuga poetica e tecnologia

di Sara Gecchelin

She wrote

Tornasole is born from the encounter between the art of freehand blown glass and the technology of a device that monitors the quality of the air in the environment. A spherical lamp, with the addition of two twigs that each hold a bird, and a chromed base, home to the air quality detection device.

Tornasole is reminiscent of a mini poetic observatory that changes shades of color to warn us when to air the space in which we live.

The device is the result of the collaboration between Casarialto Atelier, the project created to promote, finance, distribute and export a series of new works co-created by master craftsmen and small manufacturing excellence, and BreathGeneration, Collective Observatory of Air Quality conceived and promoted by Alfio Pozzoni and Alessandro Brizioli with the support of a team of professionals and a scientific committee.

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