Catherine Urban in Villas Belgium

For the Column “Women’s Opinion”, Catherine Introduces herself and her Mission. Her Love for Italian Craftsmanship, with an approach based on the Humilty and Poetry, her Travels as Base for Her Collection, her Research of Beauty.

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Catherine Urban

I may be French by birth but I’m Italian by adoption. For the last twenty years, I have passionately embraced the high-quality craftsmanship embodied by the
Made in Italy concept. In the course of my work as a designer, I’ve discovered that, in Italy, everything is still possible. Excellent craftsmanship in every field
offers a wealth of opportunities to develop new ideas and creations. Living in the Veneto region opened the door to a whole new world for me: artisan
glassmaking. This is an exciting, complex and costly sector that requires many years of apprenticeship and know-how. After many visits to the workshops, it
even inspired me, in 2008, to create my own brand, Casarialto.
I imagined the collections as a bridge between age-old tradition and know-how and modernity, a bridge between cultures, a fusion of tastes and aesthetic
influences. Like a journey into the world of aesthetics, where the painstaking pursuit of beautiful and well-made products merges with the authenticity of
Italian craftsmanship. Each creation has its own story, shaped and told by the skilful hands of the #nest craftsmen who carry with them the know-how of
entire generations. I’m an ardent defender of art that stems from manual work and from a deep connection with tradition. I see the table and the home as
the stages where my creations are played out. A lot of thought goes into each piece, it is unique and inimitable, and always made by hand. It’s not just design,
it’s an invitation to live side by side with beauty and authenticity, to embellish everyday moments of conviviality or festive occasions. Every home that takes in
one of my creations becomes an integral part of this artistic journey.
My personal approach is based on the humility and poetry of craftsmanship. I believe that beauty lies in simplicity and attention to detail, a philosophy that
I strive to embody in every creation. It’s a commitment to preserving the heritage of Italian craftsmanship and creating pieces that are destined to
become, in turn, the heritage of the homes in which they reside, and to be shaped by the spirit of those who use them.
Interior design trends change on a whim, but the timeless elegance of handcrafted creations stands the test of time. My approach is based on the continuity of
know-how and the dialogue between the handmade and technology. I’m a great believer in mixing and matching, mingling old and new pieces, blending colours
and shapes. I also draw a great deal of my inspiration from nature, and nothing gives me greater pleasure than to see it crystallised in glass. My travels, an
infnite source of inspiration, have shaped my collections. Every culture, every colour and nature itself are re”ected in the shapes and nuances of my pieces.
From the landscapes of Mexico to the beaches of Punta Cana, from the majestic valleys of South Africa to the enchanted atmospheres of Argentina, each place
has left its mark, transforming itself into simple, meaningful works.
Beauty is a universal language that speaks to the heart, and I am simply an intermediary, a passionate interpreter of this extraordinary adventure.



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