Casarialto x Summerill&Bishop in Elle Decoration France

Casarialto x Summerill&Bishop in Elle Decoration France, September 2023

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Casarialto x Summerill&Bishop Iris candleholder in Elle Decoration France





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Iris and Lotus collection, Casarialto and Summerill & Bishop
Casarialto and Summerill & Bishop have joined forces to create a fascinating collection of handmade borosilicate glass candle holders, Iris and Lotus.
The meeting between the two brands dates back to 2021, when they took their first steps together to collaborate commercially.

The naturalness with which the relationship has continued over the years, combined with the values of excellence and authenticity of the two brands, now leads to the launch of this limited edition collection designed by Summerill & Bishop and produced by Casarialto.

casarialto iris and lotus candleholder c185


Casarialto and Summerill & Bishop Lotus and Iris collection

A combination that respects brands not only for the suggestions behind the design of the two elements but also for the excellence and savoir-faire behind their creation.
Created ad hoc to a design by the British brand, the collection consists of two candle holders inspired by the ethereal beauty of nature, depicted in the forms of iris and lotus flowers. Combining expertise and a refined aesthetic, this collection celebrates the timeless charm of nature, evoking a sense of enchantment through the delicate petals of the iris and serenity through the design of the lotus flower.
The pieces, meticulously handmade using lampworking and glassblowing, are an expression of the mastery and refinement of Italian glassmaking, of which Casarialto is a representative.

The master craftsmen have worked borosilicate glass, a transparent and bright material, very light but incredibly resistant, to give life to these unique creations. The collection is the result of the countless trials necessary to achieve the desired output. A fascinating and delicate phase in which the material is moulded by human skill and the creations only idealised on sketches finally take shape. A journey in which Casarialto is always at the craftsman’s side.

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