Casarialto in La Cucina Italiana, May

La Cucina Italiana selected some of brand new 2024 Casarialto  products, which will enrich the Casarialto art de la table concept, for the ARIA DA NORD EST column of May.

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casarialto in la cucina italiana, may

Aria da Nord est

“In Veneto i sapori intensi conquistano a tutte le ore: dai cicchetti per l’aperitivo al saor e al fegato con cipolle a pranzo, fino al tiramisù , il re dei dolci italiani, buono come dessert, per merenda, dopo cena.”

“In Veneto the intense flavors seduce at all hours: from cicchetti for the aperitif to saor and liver with onions for lunch, up to tiramisu, the king of Italian desserts, good as a dessert, for a snack, after dinner.”

casarialto in la cucina italiana, may

Products selected and published by La Cucina Italiana, are various and different. From the Pure Linen Napkins in a wonderful emerald and orange color, Palma Salt&Pepper, Flora Underplate, Exagonal colored Glasses, Fortuna Napkin Rings and knife holder



Portofino Handcrafted Glass Salt&Pepper Set
Salt&pepper set in transparent glass, with a colored glass subject : olives, cactus or palm. With transparent spoons.

Delicious salt and pepper consisting of two small transparent glass containers, divided by a colored subject, chosen between olives, cactus and palm.
The subjects always present in the Casarialto line, come out of glasses and carafes, to rest on the top of containers and containers.
First of its kind, salt and pepper is a new subject for Casarialto, which completes the table line, always elegant and sophisticated with a small eccentric touch.

A 4-handed work that expresses all the mastery of Venetian artisans. One glassmaker creates the transparent glass part, another creates the colored subject. All done by hand.

The two transparent glass containers can be brought to the table with their small spoons. The colored part also serves as a comfortable handle.

Fortuna Set of 6 Handcrafted Glass Knife Holders and Napkin Rings

A glass green Four leaf clover where place knife on table and napkin rings. A singular and sophisticated gift for a beloved one, particularly ideal as good omen present to offer luck and good vibes. Handmade of Venetian glass by expert artisans.

Infusing a lively and original charm on a modern style setting, this set of 6 knife holders are superbly distinguished by a refined smooth surface ending with a Four leaf clover shape. Masterfully handcrafted of Venetian glass by two expert artisans of the Italian glassmaking tradition,  to dress a perfect green lucky table.

A colorful and playful touch that does not fail to be elegant and unique. Handcrafted in Venice.

casarialto in la cucina italiana, may

Hand-Fringed Luxury Italian Pure Linen Napkin
Napkins Hand-fringed pure linen napkins made in Italy with Italian yarns.

The Luxury of this apparently marginal element, increase the charme of your table. Proposed in 12 different colours, they represent a distinctive and an extra detail that makes the table unique and elegant.


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