Casarialto in DA, Italy September 2023

Casarialto Oasi Rialto in DA, Italy September 2023

D’A design e artigianato 

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A feeling of tranquility was instead perceived in the Oasi Rialto setting, a space where people can stop and admire the union between nature and craftsmanship of excellence. Designed by Casarialto in
collaboration with Moss Trend, the internal courtyards of Palazzo Bagatti-Valsecchi the exhibition proposed both of the products already in the catalogue and those of the new Mini Oasis collection
sphere. From the craftsmanship of Venetian glass masters under the creative direction of Catherine Urban born a series of glass bubbles that magically enclose a variety of elements of flora and fauna

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Casarialto took part at the 2023 edition of Fuori Salone, in via Santo Spirito, 7 Palazzo Bagatti Valsecchi, in front of Museo Bagatti Valsecchi. 

The location wasn’t new for us. Last edition of Fuori Salone 2022 took place there.

This year visitors were more than 5000. They lived a unique experience immersing themself in the

Casarialto world.

Entering in the palace door, people was suddently catapulted in a different dimension, with the courtyard opening on a green installation of CR logo made in stabilised moss, surrounded by 15 handmade glass sculptures DoDo and a gentle sound of water and birds twitting.

Stablised moss has been made by the  company Moss Trend.

A peaceful and pleasent moment to leave in the chaotic Fuorisalone Mood.

On the side there were five plus five niches, each expressing a different theme of Casarialto collections.



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Fuorisalone 2023 was a success in terms of visits, a success to share with everybody of you. Thanks.
Casarialto at Fuori Salone 2023