Casarialto Dolce Vita Candle Holder on Ming Pao, China

Casarialto Dolce Vita Candle holder, on St Valentine’s gifts Special Ming Pao Number. Dolce Vita Candle Holder on Ming Pao, China.
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casarialto dolce vita candle holder on ming pao, china

“Send a gift to express your gratitude.
The concept of design as a metaphor for love.
Valentine’s Day is the annual Valentine’s Day, the time to test your lover’s feelings. But in addition to sending your thoughts, why not take advantage of the hidden meaning in the gift?
A design concept to metaphorize current feelings of love? It might be more practical than expressing your feelings with love poems.”

About Dolce Vita Candle Holder…

Candlelight is a must-have for Valentine’s Day, made from Italian glass
Hand-blown glass Dolce Vita candle holder launched by brand Casarialto
, named  “Happy Life”
The two candlesticks are connected by a circle of glass.
It means that a person is tied with a red thread. 

casarialto dolce vita candle holder c194 pink
Dolce Vita Glass Candle holder

Colored Glass tube candleholder. Handmade in Venice, Italy.

A superb design masterfully handcrafted of mouth-blown glass, this candle holder is created in light, colored borosilicate glass.

Dolce Vita candle holder is a colored glass tube that twists sinuously, always creating new shapes. Yours will be unique and unrepeatable.

Each piece is handmade and handcrafted. A twist in a modern home, a piece of design that you don’t expect in a classic one.

A tribute to the Dolce Vita and the taste for conviviality, slow rhythms and beautiful things. 

Available colors: pink, linden, grey, transparent.

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