Brand New Cotisso Totem

We are glad to present you a glass work of art.
Cotisso, is a Murano glass block, pure and monochromatic, obtained by breaking the crucible at the end of the process of manufacturing the glass of a particular colour.
The blocks obtained through this process are then melted again in the furnace, or used in the realisation of artworks, both aesthetic and decorative.
Catherine shapes a unique cotisso bloc and after insert the piece in high temperature, melted crystal glass. The bloc explodes by the contrast of temperature and rapidly with an instrument Catherine moves the pieces in the mass . It’s a very quick operation. After 24 hours in the oven, each bloc is being carefully polished with the final touch of Casarialto signature . The result is a unique and modern sculture interesting to view from every perspective, fully handcrafted in Murano.