Transformer low table in Elle Decor US

Transformer low table in Elle Decor US

One of the Casarialto Atelier piece presented on Elle Decor Us

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We are proud to be mentioned in Elle Decor Us with Casarialto Atelier Transformer low table, made in co  creation with FDEsteel.

Transformer low table is “a cocktail table composed of five discrete units plus an integrated glass vase“, part of a bigger project called Steel Symphony.  Steel Symphony is a project combining ancient craft with contemporary design and glass, done for Casarialto Atelier.

Casarialto Atelier has been conceived following a strong Catherine Urban, Casarialto founder, feeling

“Born and raised in France, I have been studying, discovering, and meeting masters of Italian craftsmanship for over twenty years now. Moved by the desire to collaborate and help artisans enhance their visibility, I am launching a new project of co-creations that combines creativity and savoir faire in a series of exclusive pieces. I collaborate challenging and encouraging them to create something completely new and unique, an object they have never made before.”

Transformer table is composed by 4 carbon steel laminated pieces heat and cold burnished, hand worked and polished with natural bee wax protection.
As a link to our roots, always a glass piece present as a cube in this case.

Four modules of Carbon Steel laminate, two of which are laser-cut.

The modules are perfectly welded with perfectly smooth and polished corners, finished and smoothed out following various steps to create invisible weldings, and soft-as-skin texture.

Heat and cold-burnished to highlight the different natural shades of metal. PROWAX natural beeswax protects it.

Size – 110 x 81 x 37 cm / 43 x 32 x 14.5 in.  Four modules in differents sizes.

The tempered glass cube (37 x 37 x 37) contains a removable vase, hand-blown in borosilicate glass, ideally hosting flowers or candles.

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