Tornasole Lamp

Tornasole Lamp published on Lifegate with the title Salone del Mobile: le startup naturalmente sostenibili alla Design Week 2022.

In this issue Lifegate highlight Tornasole Lamp as “one of the 5 start up that bring their innovations to Design Week 2022 in Milan”.

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Tornasole lamp is a project of BreathGeneration with the purpose of monitoring air quality. Air pollution is a real problem that can no longer be ignored. The first step has to arise from the awareness of the individual . This need has given birth to Tornasole, an instrument that not only analyzes the air and the components, but it is also an aesthetic and decorative object handcrafted from Murano glass.

Tornasole is a lamp that combines the art of free-hand blown glass, Casarialto’s signature, with sophisticated technology.
The device integrated in the lamp is responsible for monitoring the quality of air in the environment, through a laser and bio-sensors.

This innovative device was devised by BreathGeneration Collective Air Quality Observatory, conceived and promoted by Alfio Pozzoni and Alessandro Brizioli with the support of a team of professionals, as well as a scientific

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Spherical in shape with the addition of two small branches, each housing a small bird, the lamp is supported by a chromeplated base stores the air quality detection device.

Tornasole is reminiscent of a poetic miniobservatory that changes shades of colour to warn us when to ventilate the space we live in, increasing awareness about our surroundings.

Speaking about Lifegate, its mission is as follows:

“For many, sustainability is becoming an urgent necessity, for others it is above all an obligation. 
Often it becomes an accessory to show off, sometimes a pass, others a mere social certificate."

For us, environmental and human sustainability represents an authentic lifestyle, it defines our way of being in the world and in the world, an attitude centered on the civilization of awareness and on the concreteness of doing.

For 20 years, we have been working to be the catalysts of social change, to awaken and nurture a new ecological awareness, to inspire and spread new business models and new consumption models for people and companies.

We are the place where education becomes determination, feeling becomes action, purpose becomes solution and result.
We are for those who choose to be guided by the values ​​of ethics, in full respect of the ecosystem and all living forms present in it.
We are for those who decide to live with feeling and give their life a purpose, acting to make the world a better place. “