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Purificare l’aria: 6 elettrodomestici di design che migliorano la casa (e la vita)

Purify the air: 6 designer appliances that improve quality of your home (and life) di Silvia Cicchetti

With the increasing of air pollution and allergies, quality of air is one of the most popular topics. If we really don’t know what we breathe outside, cwe can do many things to make our living spaces has halthy as possible.

For this reason AD grouped the smartest appliences, to detect the air quality, to purify the air in order to increase the quality of our life and the awarness of everyone.

Casarialto Atelier Tornasole lamp has been mentioned together with the most famous electronic companies such as Samsung, Philips, Daikin.

casarialto breath generation tornasole bgt greenPresented during this Design week 2022 in MIlan, Tornasole Lamp is a project of BreathGeneration for monitoring analysis and data of air quality. Air pollution is a real problem that can no longer be ignored. The first step has to arise from the awareness of the individual. This need has given birth to Tornasole, an instrument that not only analyzes the air and the components, but it is also an aesthetic and decorative object handcrafted from Murano glass.

Tornasole is a lamp that combines the art of free-hand blown glass, Casarialto’s signature, with sophisticated technology.
The device integrated in the lamp is responsible for monitoring the quality of air in the environment, through a laser and bio-sensors.

This innovative device was devised by BreathGeneration Collective Air Quality Observatory, conceived and promoted by Alfio Pozzoni and Alessandro Brizioli with the support of a team of professionals, as well as a scientific

casarialto breath generation tornasole bgt detail orange
Spherical in shape with the addition of two small branches, each housing a small bird, the lamp is supported by a chromeplated base stores the air quality detection device.
Tornasole is reminiscent of a poetic miniobservatory that changes shades of colour to warn us when to ventilate the space we live in, increasing awareness about our surroundings.

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