Tornasole Lamp in “Maison et Travaux” magazine

Another issue for Tornasole lamp, in the French magazine “Maison et travaux.

Environment is more than ever a hot topic and the awareness of the individual is an increasingly pressing need.

An instrument as Tornasole, which has the power to control the quality of air, is a reply to this need.

Tornasole is a lamp that combines the art of free-hand blown glass, Casarialto’s signature, with sophisticated technology.
The device integrated in the lamp is responsible for monitoring the quality of air in the environment, through a laser and bio-sensors.
This innovative device was devised by BreathGeneration Collective Air Quality Observatory, conceived and promoted by Alfio Pozzoni and Alessandro Brizioli with the support of a team of professionals, as well as a scientific

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Amazing object, the Tornasole lamp is both a quality air sensor and a craftsmanship work. It is the result of collaboration between Casarialto Atelier and the collective observatory for the air quality BreathGeneration.
On a chromed base containing the device measuring the air quality of the envirronment, the lamp, poetic, round with perched birds on branches, put in the spotlight the art of glass freehand blown, the specialty of Italian Casarialto brand.
The lamp changes dimming depending of the air quality, green when healthy, until red when is polluted (five colors).