Our Soul among the pages of Treviso Città e Storie

A faithful and delicate portrait drawn by the pen of Mara Pavan for Treviso Città e Storie.  Catherine on the cover.

catherine in treviso citta e storie 1

An accurate description that goes deep into the folds and details of our work, from the birth and creation of the Casarialto brand, to Casarialto Atelier. In this issue you breathe the atmosphere of our office, you feel the efforts made by Catherine at the beginning to bring to reality the dream to create a collection of glass, beyond the imagination.

treviso citta e storie 2 1

treviso citta e storie 3

Here the issue   

This is the first time we start to “show our face”. Here you see all our staff and the artisans of casarialto Atelier. Beyond products. The article starts with ” Catherine Urban, an Italian Savoir faire. Eighty square meters fora suburban atelier that radiates mastery. A French hand luggage enhanced by the contaminations of the Country of Cedar up to overseas realism. All in one room.” A tribute to our work and to our efforts wich carefully captures every aspect of our  fascinating, beautiful and sometimes complicated work. Thanks to Treviso Città e Storie and to Mara Pavan.