Flora Underplate in IFDM design, Italy

Flora Handcrafted Transparent and Colored Glass Underplate with Leaves and Natural Subjects in IFDM design, Italy, April


flora handcrafted glass underplate in ifdm design, italy

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Flora Handcrafted Glass Underplate C203

Underplate in transparent glass with green and white leaves and flowers added by hand on surface. Handmade in Venice.

The elegance of this piece  demonstrates once again the ability and mastery of our Venetian artisans.

Ideal as service plate, to adorn and integrate a table with a touch of uniqueness and extravagance.

The Flora underplate brings to your table a touch of natural charm and a spring air all year long.

The Flora underplate is adorned with green colored glass leaves and flowers, and white and yellow flowers.

It is a 4-hand work: one artisan makes the plate, one makes the small items.

Handracfted in Venice, Italy.

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