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Casarialto 2024 collection: the debut of the textile line and the new Art de la Table pieces.
An entire article dedicated to Casarialto and its new creations.

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The JOurnalist Matilda Brera, wrote about us:

From the pure Italian linen tablecloths inspired by the works of Bruno Munari, to the pieces for the Art de la Table created in collaboration with Venetian master glassmakers, the new Casarialto 2024 collection offers a vision of everyday life that celebrates beauty, art and quality craftsmanship. 

Casarialto presents its first textile collection, table linen, with tablecloths, runners, placemats and napkins, becoming the canvas on which the soul of those who choose Casarialto for their home is painted, transforming every convivial moment into an experience unique and personal. 


She introduces Casarialto New Table Linen and New Glass Line.

casarialto table with cactus

Casarialto New Table Linen Collection

Table linen – with its tablecloths, runners, placemats and napkins – is the undisputed protagonist of intimate or convivial moments and, together with the art de la table that decorates it, it tells the soul of those who live it. With the aim of creating its own mise en place, Casarialto launches its first collection
textile; the result of careful research, it tells of the inspiration and spirit of the brand, the love for materials and attention to detail, expresses the values ​​of craftsmanship and uniqueness.
Once again, as since the first productions, the source of inspiration is nature: embroidery by cacti, tropical flowers and multicolored birds perch on the placemats; tablecloths instead they express the more minimal side of the brand, with geometries declined in unexpected combinations
chromatic. In the world of Casarialto there are no predefined combinations, rather, the choice of colors and motifs allows absolute freedom in creating different mix & matches every day, hymns to colour with timeless elegance.
The attention to detail, the raw materials and the artisanal production, made in Italy, make every unique and distinctive product, and once again tell of the savoir faire that Casarialto has had since 2008 carries on with passion.