Casarialto in Marie Claire Maison, Italy

Casarialto, in Marie Claire Maison Italy, July and August 2023

Marie Claire Maison, Italy.

Lunch with view

The garden of Villa Igiea in Palermo become an intimate and special convivial set, with a white table set amidst the green of the plants and the shaded blue of the conca d’oro.

Text and recipes – Csaba Dalla Zorza

Foto – Monica Spezia

Visual Editor – Nicolò Milella

marie claire maison 1

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A Table set “Italian Style” with a starched white linen tablecloths, Casarialto Petal glasses and Palm jug in a wonderful location with view

The white, ironed and starched linen tablecloth is a tribute to Donna Franca, wife of Ignazio Florio, who had wonderful banquets set up in this exact spot at the beginning of the last century. For the unforgettable parties that were held in the beautiful villa overlooking the sea, which the Florio dynasty  bought from the first owner, the Englishman Sir William Domville, the ladies wore Pucci and Dior dresses and sipped champagne in crystal goblets.

marie claire maison 24

A white immaculate tablecloth set with simple objects, telling the luxury of handmade. The Italian unique quality can be handed down from generation to generation, through linen, porcelain, glass, and all the gestures of conviviality that are part of a collective  Italian DNA. On the table, only simple objects taking up the colors of the sourrounding nature: Amber and brown of wood and fruit, green of plants.

On white tablecloth you see:

Amber Petal Wine glasses

Transparent Petal Water Glass

Palm jug

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Petal Wine and Water Glasses

Petal wine and water glasses have a flower shape and are handmade in colored or transparent glass.

Glass opens like a flower in 4 petals. Available in 6 colors: transparent, amber, linden, pink, light blue, grey. Available in set of 4 monocolor glasses or in 6 multicolor glasses

marie claire maison 3

Palm jug

Palm jug is made in transparent glass with a small colored palm inside.

Exquisitely handcrafted of mouth-blown Venetian glass by expert artisans, this jug showcases a classic cylindrical shape characterized by a captivating palm-shaped statuette rising from within, adding a cheerful and stylish accent to any dining set.

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