Casarialto in Home Fashion News #48

Casarialto Atelier Cotisso Vase in Home Fashion News #48

Cotisso is a project made by Casarialto Atelier in Co creation with the Murano glassmaster Martino Naia Signoretto.

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cotisso vase
Cotisso Vase is a Murano glass handcrafted block, with colored glass stones on surface. Cotisso are handcraft unique piece, part of Casarialto Atelier project. A co creation product started from a Catherine idea and made by Martino Signoretto.

Cotisso, is a Murano glass block, pure and monochromatic, obtained by breaking the crucible at the end of the process of manufacturing the glass of a particular colour. The blocks obtained through this process are then melted again in the furnace, or used in the realisation of artworks, both aesthetic and decorative.

After having made small pieces of glass out of cotisso blocs, Catherine along with 3 other glass masters creates the shape of the cristal vase where all the small colored glass pieces are applied. The process takes 1 hour. Then After 24 hours in the oven it will be polished by another artisan with the final touch of Casarialto and the Master signatures. The result is a unique piece fully handcrafted in Murano.

Each piece has different shape, color and size.

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