Casarialto in GALERIEMAGAZINE.COM, USA, December

Casarialto Atelier Bastian Contrario Mirror Tray in GALERIEMAGAZINE.COM, USA, December

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bastian contrario tray 1

Casarialto Atelier in co creation with Riflessi Veneziani, designed and produced a wood tray with mirrored inlays.

Bastian Contrario Mirror Tray – Casarialto Atelier

Wood oval tray with mirror sardines.

This wood tray with sardines details skillfully cut by Giovanni, the artisan of Riflessi Veneziani, mix antique and modern styles. These kind of motifs do not usually belong to the Venetian tradition, they are a modern and funny accent introduced by Catherine to create a harmonious blend of traditions and inspirations.

Wood tray is the resul of a inlay work. Each part is matched together without any glue.
A special thanks goes to Gianluigi Dal Tos of De Dama company, who was in charge of tray milling. Without his meticolousness this project would not have come to light.

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