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Casarialto in Four Italy, August

Four Excellences Italy

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Casarialto glass creations are the result of an intense collaboration between the designer Catherine Urban, founder of the brand, and Venetian artisans still present in the area. In these laboratories, where you can still breathe an atmosphere of other times, high quality objects are born and it is still possible to develop small and personalized productions. The Mini Oasis Spheres collection is an example of the skill of master glassmakers capable of enclosing an infinite variety of colours, shapes and details in small volumes, sublimating nature and its designs. Enclosed in a hand-blown borosilicate glass bubble, we find: Flowers, cacti, parrots or fish.

Casarialto mouth blown borosilicate Minutely handcrafted Mini osasis transparent glass spheres are marked by a faboulous colored glass sculpure inside.

casarialto glass sphere c189

Mini Oasis Spheres with mini glass sculpture inside

Mini Oasis Spheres

Spheres have a natural world inside, minutely handcrafted in each part by an expert Venetian artisan. Part of a splendid collection that draws inspiration from Nature, it will bring the magic and calmness of a garden into a modern home.  Each sphere remind to a natural oasis where characters are flowerscactus plants, fishes and parrots. 

Inspired by the details of nature, these spheres represent a variety of fauna and flora elements, encased in a hand-blown borosilicate glass bubble (ø 13 cm). The Mini Oasis Sphere collection is meticulously handcrafted by Venetian glass artisans, who through years of experience are able to encapsulate an infinite variety of colors, shapes and details in small volumes, sublimating nature and its designs.

In each spheres you find a micro natural world.

One bring you in a flowery field. Another in the deep blue sea with colored fishes swimming all around.  One bring you in a tropical world.

A 4-hands work:  two craftsmen work on these pieces, one creates the transparent glass and one creates the small colored mini sculpture.
The two parts are heated and melted together.

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