Casarialto in Avantage, February

Casarialto Heart glasses and jug on Avantages, February

herat glasses and jug on aavntage

Here the issueIn the February issue of Avantages, dedicated to LOVE, there are Casarialto heart glasses and jug. A good idea to dress the table always, and specially in St Valentine’s.


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Casarialto Heart collection is a transparent jug and set of 4 glasses with a red heart inside.  Mouth blown glass, hand made and individually finished is a 4 hands work: One artisan creates the transparent mouth blown glass, one produces the colored subjects, always by hand.

Either showcased alone for a delicate and romantic accent on a formal contemporary table, this is a one-of-a-kind design set  measuring 10 cm of diameter and 23 cm in height for the jug and 8 cm of diameter and 8 in height for glasses. Their slender body in clear mouth-blown glass reveals a heart-shaped decorative element in a vibrant hue of red that stems from the item’s base.

Here the issue