Casarialto Dolce Vita Glass in Art & Décoration, France

Casarialto Handcraftted in Italy Pink Glass Dolce Vita Wine Glass, published in the number of April of Art & Décoration, France 

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casarialto dolce vita glass in art & décoration, france

Couleurs Printaniers –Doucement régressives, les teintes du moment s’inspirent de l’enface avec des pastel “guimauve” aux accents gourmands. Les formes sont rebondies, vichy et rayures se réinventent dans une ambiance fleurie. Iscrivez nos inspirations sur votre tout doux liste déco.


Spring Colors – Gently regressive, the shades of the moment are inspired by the opposite with “marshmallow” pastels with gourmet accents. The shapes are plump,stripes are reinvented in a floral atmosphere. Write down our inspirations on your sweet decor list.

casarialto dolce vita wine glass alto e basso c175 c174 pink

Set of 4 monocolor Dolce Vita wine glasses

Set of 4 monocolor Dolce Vita wine glasses.
Handmade mouth blown glasses with an original and iconic shape.

Dolce Vita glass is available in three different models and size, giving a design touch to each table, both modern and classic.

Offered in set of four monolor glasses is available in the following colors: transparent, pink, amber and grey colors.

The material used to produce Casarialto’s collections is the Borosilicate. The Borosilicate is a type of glass featuring strength and high quality. It allows to realise minute details, resisting to extreme temperatures, and it appears crystal clear, light and thin.

Each piece made by Casarialto comes from the hands of craftsmen who shapes them free-handedly with care. Each piece features small differences between one antoher because of this handmade procedure, and contributes to the beauty of each collection.

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