Casarialto Candle holder in Home Fashion News

Casarialto Red Glass Classic Candle holder in Home Fashion News, France

Casarialto Red Classic Candle Holder is  elegant and sophisticated. Hand made in glass and hand painted in red color, is a synthesis of a traditional and a modern design.

In Home Fashion News 

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Casarialto Candle Holder has been mentioned in a column dedicated to furniture: ” Showroom par la rédaction”. – “showroom by the editorial staff”

“Fruit d’un travail artisanal les bougeoirs font la synthèse entre les styles differèntes époques”

“The result of an artisanal work, the candlesticks is a synthesis of the styles of different eras”

This Handcraft classic shaped red glass candleholder is an exquisite combination of traditional craftsmanship, classic style and a sophisticated contemporary charm. This spectacular candle holder will be the best gift idea for a design aficionado. Deftly handcrafted in Venice of red  glass, it features sleek and smooth lines adding a unique accent to a refined mise en place. Available in two sizes (Medium Ø 5 cm – h 22 cm and Large Ø 5 cm – h 29 cm).


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