Casarialto Atelier Erasmo Stool on HTSI

Casarialto Atelier in Co Creation with MNM Venice, Michela Nardin, Erasmo Mosaic Stool on HTSI, Il Sole 24 h Italy. 

Hand Made Stool with Colored Glass Mosaic. Unique Piece.

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casarialto atelier erasmo stool on htsi

Erasmo handmade mosaic Stool

Mosaic Stool handmade in Venice

Handmade mosaic stool in dark hues

A unique interpretation of Van Gogh’s Starry Night, this stool showcases dark hues inspired by the natural yet intense colors of darkness and night time, enriched with round details in matte night-blue and crystal blue shades, and marked by a central black ‘eye’. Highly versatile, it will suit any style decor. This handcrafted piece is unique. Due to their hand-cut nature, the 7000 glass mosaic tiles making up this piece may display unique and elegant irregularities.

Erasmo stool is made in co creation with Michela Nardin MNM Venice.

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