Casarialto Atelier Barena Stool on British Vogue

Casarialto Atelier Barena Stool in March 2022 issue of British Vogue.

304 there s no place like vogue 1 small
304 there s no place like vogue 1 small

British Vogue inserted our Barena Stool in the “There’s no place like Vogue selection.

Barena Stool is one of the most impressive work done in co creation with Michela Nardin for Casarialto Atelier.

Barena comes from an antique Venetian word “Baro”, meaning bush or tuft of grass. This characteristic vegetation of the Venice lagoon is often submerged by the tides being also very rich in bird species. 

“Barena” stool intends to capture in its precious 4700 glass mosaics all the nuances of these herbs so appreciated by the little colibri. Entirely handcrafted, this piece is composed by masterfully hand-cut glass mosaic tiles, therefore showcasing unique irregularities in their elegant lines.