Casarialto Atelier Barena Stool in Marie Claire Maison June-Juillet 22

Inside the Inspiration section of Marie Claire Maison June et Juillet 2022, you will find Casarialto Atelier Barena Stool.

Meta Coleman interior architect, lives in Utah in a house in the side of the mountain, where the climat is very hard and life not so easy. She built up a cozy home where different styles are matched to create a unique ambiance.

The German world Gemütlich, very similar to Danish Hygge, are the Meta Coleman keyword, who likes the “mix and match” combining warm tones of wood with colors.

From her works an d her mood took inspiration Marie Claire Maison Issue.

Barena Stool with its white natural and neutral background and the colors explotion of leaves differents tones of green and the multicolored colibrì, fits perfectly in this concept.

To see it in person, come in Milan to Fuori Salone, Palazzo Bagatti Valsecchi, Via Santo Spirito 7 from 7th to 12nd June.