Discovering our new Atelier Project

As designer of Casarialto, I am pleased to announce the launch of Casarialto Atelier. This is the birth of a long-term project that I have had in my mind for a long time.
During the lockdown in March, I thought a lot about the future. Therefore I realized it was time to take courage, act resilient and finally launch the project.

Casarialto Atelier will generate co-creations projects combining creativity and sophisticated savoir faire in a series of exclusive pieces. Aim is to spread Italian craftsmanship around the world, and to collaborate with artisans to enhance their visibility.

Casarialto Atelier is about challenging and encouraging artisans to create something completely new and unique. The result are objects that neither them nor us have ever made before.

We commit ourselves to tell you their personal histories and the creative processes of their products through videos and text.
Always with a completely honest and genuine approach.

In pictures you see me and Michela Nardin, Mosaic stool artisan, in the amazing Orsoni mosaic factory.

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Discover our Atelier project