Diptyque chooses to rely on Casarialto’s experience

Casarialto for Diptyque

Diptyque chooses to rely on Casarialto’s extensive experience

in the creation of unique pieces, as well as its long-lasting collaboration with Italian master glassblowers, to enrich its collections with a selection of accessories and tableware imagined by La Maison and exclusively hand-crafted by the Italian brand.

2022 marks the beginning of this partnership with the launch of the first co-signed products, conceived for the collection dedicated to the Holiday Collection.

Inspired by the merry and cosy atmosphere that reigns during the holidays, made of conviviality and welcoming guests, Diptyque imagines a selection of decorative and table accessories: small treasures and exceptional objects made to measure to capture some of this magic to be shared with an exclusive gift.

On this occasion, Casarialto has lent its savoir-faire for the creation of three elements of the Diptyque collection: the gold pyramid candle holder, the spiral champagne flute and the spiral wine glass.

GOLD PYRAMID CANDLE HOLDER – Casarialto for Diptyque

deco01070 photophore pyramide or small

Hand-crafted by Casarialto for Diptyque, it is one of the protagonists of the collection of candle holders, designed to illuminate any environment with their personality and make you dream by stimulating the imagination, as well as evoking distant memories and stories.

Inspired by the shape and name of the logo adorning the French maison’s products, it alternates transparent glass with vertical gilded stripes, through which the candle’s flame causes infinite refractive effects.

Hand-crafted by master glassblowers in Italy; each piece is utterly unique.

The glass is mouth-blown before metallization and engraving by laser.

For use with all classic-sized candles.

Material: borosilicate glass.

diptyque dancing letters nature morte 06 small


TABLEWARE – Casarialto for Diptyque

During the holidays, even the table comes alive and, like in a theatre, brings its protagonists on stage to welcome guests around it, amaze and entertain them with the wonder of their details.

Among the characters in the Diptyque collection, Casarialto created the spiral champagne flute and the spiral wine glass. Two pieces that stand out for the spiral decoration of their goblet, which emphasis even more their shapes: the elongated and pure profile of the flute takes on a dynamism that seems to accompany the movement of the bubbles upwards, in a hypnotic twist; the slight rotund shape of the wine glass acquires further softness and body, awakening the senses when it is filled with colour.

deco01076 flute champagne vrillee small

Hand blown by master Italian glassblowers, each piece is unique.

The blown glass goblet is delicately twisted by hand; the base is in smooth transparent glass, welded by high temperature fusion.

Material: borosilicate glass.

deco01077 verre vin vrille haut small
Diptyque chooses to rely on Casarialto’s extensive experience to enrich its collections.