Amazonia Mosaic Stool

Casarialto Atelier Amazonia Mosaic Stool

The stunning work of Michela Nardin MNM Venezia in co creation with Casarialto Atelier.

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Casarialto Atelier mosaic stools

Mosaic stools arise from the creative mind of Catherine Urban, meeting the skillful hands of a master artisan as Michela Nardin MNM. A unique and versatile oeuvres that merge aesthetic and functionality, and tradition with innovation.


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Amazonia mosaic stoolAmazonia comes from five different colors glass mosaic tiles.

Lush vegetation envelops its surface, taking us to a wild landscape where the colors and scents of nature are the protagonists.

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Our Amazonia stool intends to capture in its precious 4700 glass mosaics all the nuances of leaves. Entirely handcrafted, this piece is composed by masterfully hand-cut glass mosaic tiles, therefore showcasing unique irregularities in their elegant lines.


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