A brand new project for Casarialto Atelier

The new Casarialto Atelier project

A brand new project with a new Artisan for Casarialto Atelier. two triptyches, representing metaphorical windows on nature and its details.

Michela Urban and the Officina Eclettica

Discover Giù in Cortile and Giù in Giardino, two results of the eighth co-creation project of Casarialto Atelier, together with the artist Michela Urban.

Inspired by Japanese screens and enriched by the creative direction of Catherine Urban, these one-of-a-kind pieces were conceived to create metaphorical windows onto the natural world through the artist’s original use of materials and colours. Michela Urban is a highly skilled artist who continues to experiment with new techniques to express herself through original combinations of volumes, materials and colours.

He channeled his passion for ancient Japanese screens into the creation of these one-of-a-kind, nature-inspired, hand-painted pieces on gold leaf grounds.


in giardino2

Giù in Giardino and Giù in Cortile

The works “Giù in giardino” and “Giù in cortile” are structured as a triptych, representing metaphorical windows on nature and its details. The collection appears as a triptych of mirrors and natural inserts, resulting from Michela’s expertise and the creative direction of Catherine Urban. They are entirely handmade pieces, composed of two mirrors that blend into a dimension of stabilised moss. The external decoration, a tree hand-painted by the artist, captures all the strength and beauty of nature.Click here to go directly to the Atelier page.


giuu in cortile picolo