Casarialto Atelier in Style Campagne, France

Casarialto Atelier in co creation with Michela Nardin MNM Venice, Mosaic Bisanzio Stool in Style Campagne, France.

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casarialto atelier mnm bisanzio still life 1

Bisanzio Stool is part of The Mosaic project made by Casarialto Atelier in Co Creation witn MNM Venice.

Bisanzio handmade mosaic Stool

Sgabello Mosaico fatto a mano a Venezia

Sgabello fatto a mano in mosaico nelle sfumature del sole, con perle verdi, azzurre, blu e multicolore.

Questo caratteristico tipo di disegno è molto tipico nella tradizione del mosaico. Our “Bisanzio” stool intends to capture in its precious 7000 glass mosaics all the nuances of sun, with green, light blue, blue and multicolor pearls. Entirely handcrafted, this piece is composed by masterfully hand-cut glass mosaic tiles, therefore showcasing unique irregularities in their elegant lines. Bisanzio stool is created in co creation with Michela Nardin MNM Venezia.

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