Candelabro Casarialto in Home Fashion News

Casarialto Red Glass Classic Candle holder in Home Fashion News, France Casarialto Red Classic Candle Holder is  elegant and sophisticated. Hand made in glass and hand painted in red color, is a…

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Casarialto on WHITEPAPERBY.COM, Spain

Casarialto on WHITEPAPERBY.COM, Spain November On a long article about the cooperation between Casarialto and Pinto, where the passion for luxury and handcrafted items is told in…

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Tavola Autunnale: suggerimenti di stile

Although we try to go beyond the cliché and add something new, there are aesthetic laws that tradition imposes and that we like to follow. Autumn recalls atmospheres, colours, settings which may…

Best wishes from Casarialto!

Casarialto Wishes you Merry Christmas and happy new year, with this wonfìderful Christmas table. To receive info about products, please contact us at [email protected].