Casarialto Atelier Bisanzio in Maison Normandie

Casarialto Atelier Bisanzio Mosaic Stool in Co creation with MNM Venice, in Maison Normandie. Looking forward the arrival of Spring Season? You can start bringing Spring to your home

casarialto atelier bisanzio in maison normandie

This is the selection for spring Season in Maison Normandie

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casarialto atelier mnm bisanzio still life 1
casarialto atelier mnm bisanzio still life 1

Bisanzio Stool is part of Casarialto Atelier Project

Bisanzio stool is part of Casarialto Atelier Project. A co creation project conceived to celebrate the talent of local artisans. Each piece tells a story, ready to become a part of yours.

Catherine Urban Say

“Born and raised in France, I have been studying, discovering, and meeting masters of Italian craftsmanship for over twenty years now. Moved by the desire to collaborate and help artisans enhance their visibility, I am launching a new project of co-creations that combines creativity and savoir faire in a series of exclusive pieces. I collaborate challenging and encouraging them to create something completely new and unique, an object they have never made before.”

Questo è il sentimento che he motivato Catherine Urban a dare il via al progetto di Casarialto Atelier

casarialto atelier mnm bisanzio close up 2

Bisanzio Stool is one of the precious pieces made by Michela Nardin MNM Venice for Casarialto Atelier

It is an Handmade mosaic stool in the nuance of sun, with green, light bleu, bleu and multicolor pearls. This characteristic kind of pattern is very typical in the mosaic tradition.  Casarialto Atelier “Bisanzio” stool intends to capture in its precious 7000 glass mosaics all the nuances of sun, with green, light blue, blue and multicolor pearls. Entirely handcrafted, this piece is composed by masterfully hand-cut glass mosaic tiles, therefore showcasing unique irregularities in their elegant lines. Bisanzio stool is created in co creation with Michela Nardin MNM Venezia.