Product Information

Products that Wooliweiss S.r.l. Customer offers for sale are the ones shown on the site, on the date the users of the Web Site surf it, within the limits of availability. The term “available” shown under the product is indicative only, because of the possibility of multiple purchases at the same time by multiple users. For this reason Wooliweiss S.r.l. Customer reserves the possibility, once received an order, to check the availability of the item and, if not available, to promptly notify the non-acceptance of the order, even if a confirmation email was already sent, in this case Wooliweiss S.r.l. will refund the entire amount payed. Photographs representing the products are not part of this commercial agreement; therefore Wooliweiss S.r.l. Customer can not be held responsible for any errors and / or discrepancies. As a result, Wooliweiss S.r.l. Customer can not be held responsible for errors and / or inaccuracies in the graphics and photographics reproduction of products on its site, as :

– There be may differences due to the resolution representation of the product and the type of the computer screen of the customer;

– Each product is a handmade creation, and as such a unique piece, so each product will bring non-substantial changes in the shape, size, color than those shown on screen.