casarialto collections atelier


A new project of co-creations that combine creativity and savoir faire in a series of exclusive pieces. Discover the creations of our Masters of…

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casarialto collections water


Come and have a dive in the deep blue see. This collection is composed by transparent, dark and light blue color glass objects. Fishes swimming…

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casarialto collections tropical


Immerse yourself in a world populated by charming glass animals and plants. The Tropical Collection is a world populated by multicolored birds, lush…

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casarialto collections tea time

Tea Time

Come and have a relaxing tea with Casarialto. An inspiring series that gets its inspiration from the magical world of Alice in Wonderland, to change…

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casarialto collections new in

New In

Explore the brand new products, designed by Catherine and her staff. It is always a surprise. Here you will find only what's new you will find only…

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casarialto collections nature


A walk in a savage wonderful garden full of cactuses, plants and colored flowers. Glasses and jugs with small colored flowers inside, and vases with…

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casarialto collections fun


Colors and fun, playful shapes and materials, for unusual projects and creations. An inspiring series that takes you to a fairytale world, for a…

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casarialto collections forever


Casarialto's roots. The beginning, when everything started. The first creations designed by Catherine. Evergreen designs, objects to collect, made to…

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casarialto collections classics


The classics, yet, with an avant-garde touch and delicate details. Transparent and grey glass with gold and silver details. The elegance suitable for…

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fish tea cup

Fish Tea Cup C153

Available to order
fish tea pot c153

Fish Tea pot C153

Available to order

Laguna Spheres small C77 S

Available to order

Set of 6 Millerighe Water Glass C32

Available to order
candy set of 6 water glasses c127

Candy set of 6 water glasses C127

Available to order